Washington, DC - February, 2000

Overview: Went to DC as a co-author on a presentation about case mix for mental health. Flew up a couple of days early and spent most of my time in museums and also took a monument tour. If it looks cold and wet, it was.

P0000096 P0000097 P0000098 P0000099 P0000100 P0000101
P0000096.jpg P0000097.jpg P0000098.jpg P0000099.jpg P0000100.jpg P0000101.jpg
P0000102 P0000103 P0000104 P0000105 P0000106 P0000107
P0000102.jpg P0000103.jpg P0000104.jpg P0000105.jpg P0000106.jpg P0000107.jpg
P0000108 P0000109 P0000110 P0000111 P0000112 P0000113
P0000108.jpg P0000109.jpg P0000110.jpg P0000111.jpg P0000112.jpg P0000113.jpg
P0000114 P0000115 P0000116 P0000117 P0000119 P0000120
P0000114.jpg P0000115.jpg P0000116.jpg P0000117.jpg P0000119.jpg P0000120.jpg
P0000121 P0000122 P0000123 P0000124 P0000125 P0000126
P0000121.jpg P0000122.jpg P0000123.jpg P0000124.jpg P0000125.jpg P0000126.jpg
P0000127 P0000129 P0000130 P0000131 P0000132 P0000133
P0000127.jpg P0000129.jpg P0000130.jpg P0000131.jpg P0000132.jpg P0000133.jpg
P0000134 P0000135 P0000136 P0000137 P0000138 P0000139
P0000134.jpg P0000135.jpg P0000136.jpg P0000137.jpg P0000138.jpg P0000139.jpg
P0000140 P0000141 P0000142 P0000143 P0000144 P0000145
P0000140.jpg P0000141.jpg P0000142.jpg P0000143.jpg P0000144.jpg P0000145.jpg
P0000147 P0000150 P0000152 P0000154 P0000155 P0000156
P0000147.jpg P0000150.jpg P0000152.jpg P0000154.jpg P0000155.jpg P0000156.jpg
P0000158 P0000159 P0000161 P0000162 P0000164 P0000167
P0000158.jpg P0000159.jpg P0000161.jpg P0000162.jpg P0000164.jpg P0000167.jpg
P0000170 P0000171 P0000172 P0000173 P0000174 P0000175
P0000170.jpg P0000171.jpg P0000172.jpg P0000173.jpg P0000174.jpg P0000175.jpg
P0000176 P0000177 P0000178 P0000179 P0000181 P0000183
P0000176.jpg P0000177.jpg P0000178.jpg P0000179.jpg P0000181.jpg P0000183.jpg
P0000184 P0000186 P0000187 P0000189 P0000191 P0000192
P0000184.jpg P0000186.jpg P0000187.jpg P0000189.jpg P0000191.jpg P0000192.jpg
P0000194 P0000195 P0000196 P0000197 P0000199 P0000200
P0000194.jpg P0000195.jpg P0000196.jpg P0000197.jpg P0000199.jpg P0000200.jpg
P0000202 P0000203 P0000204 P0000205 P0000206 P0000208
P0000202.jpg P0000203.jpg P0000204.jpg P0000205.jpg P0000206.jpg P0000208.jpg
P0000209 P0000212 P0000218 P0000220 P0000227 P0000228
P0000209.jpg P0000212.jpg P0000218.jpg P0000220.jpg P0000227.jpg P0000228.jpg
P0000229 P0000231 P0000233 P0000234 P0000239 P0000243
P0000229.jpg P0000231.jpg P0000233.jpg P0000234.jpg P0000239.jpg P0000243.jpg
P0000245 P0000246 P0000247 P0000248 P0000249
P0000245.jpg P0000246.jpg P0000247.jpg P0000248.jpg P0000249.jpg