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Mark and Lisa in Alaska - Day 4

I was able to upload some pictures while at the hotel.  The hotel had many stuffed animals, including a polar bear, Dall sheep, and many types of birds. Very rustic looking.

Milliniuem Hotel in Anchorage
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We had breakfast and took off for the airport around 11 am. The RV place picked us up at the airport. They had to pick up us up at the airport for insurance reasons.  Our driver told us about a large group from Spain that was renting 6 RVs, none of them spoke any English, and the airlines had lost their luggage. Not a good start for them.

Once at the Great Alaskan Holidays RV site, we were given a half hour orientation. The orientation consisted of a video, explaining how to operate the RV. The guy assisting us was extremely nice.  They understand what good customer service is all about.  We had a nice 25-foot RV with all the amenities of home.

Our first stop with the RV was Wal-Mart.  Lisa was gone for quite a while and brought back a full shopping cart.  We are in the RV for 11 days, so I'm sure we will need everything she got.  Unfortunately, this one didn't have food.  While Lisa organized everything, I got us a couple of Subway sandwiches, and off on our RV adventure we went.

RV Trekking
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The drive to Seward was amazing. Even thought it was cloudy and raining, the landscape was incredible. There were many pullouts and scenic views.  Driving the RV was no problem. Luckily, everyone was headed back into Anchorage , and as we were leaving Anchorage, we didn't run into too much traffic.  Along the way, we couldn't get the power outlets to work.  We called our buddy, Ty, and then we called the RV site.  Again, the RV service staff were very helpful.  They said none of the outlets worked until we plugged into a power supply or started the generator.

On the road to Seward, AK
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Around Seward, there was a bunch of construction.  We were fortunate that we weren't delayed very long. We drove all the way through Seward to the Sea Life Center, turned left and started looking for a place to park the RV.  Not being familiar with the place, we drove around a little until we found the sites which had power and water.  Unfortunately, all the sites along the shore were taken.  Bummer.  We found a close spot and started getting ready to hook up.  By now, the rain was falling.

Just before I started to pull out the power cord, we saw someone pulling out of a shore front site. Woohoo!  We hopped in and backed our RV to one of the pretty sites along the shore.  Lucky us! We are right on the waterfront.  Hooking up the RV was a snap, but none of the internal power plugs were working.  Darn, what to do?  This is when all my TV watching finally paid off.  I was watching an RV show where a guy was having the same problem.  The solution?  Reset the GFI switch.  Tada! Everything was ready to go.

We set up shop, turned on the heater, watched a little TV (2 channels) and slept.  Another great day in Alaska.

Views out of RV Window
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