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Mark and Lisa in Alaska - Day 6

Alaska Sealife Center was our first stop this morning in Seward. The center was created from funds from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Although it is small, it is well worth the visit. We saw many types of fish, sea birds, and seals.

Alaska Sealife Center
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Exit Glacier at Kenai Fjords National Park was our next stop this morning. It is about 10 miles north of Seward. It is another glacier which is part of the Harding Icefield. Along the highway as we drive up to the glacier are year markers. These markers show you how far the glacier has retreated over the last one hundred years. To get to the glacier, it's a short .5 mile walk.

Exit Glacier
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The glacier is pretty huge, as most glaciers are. If you wanted to, you could walk up and touch it. Since we had successfully traversed the easy walk, we decided to take the more difficult one. It was a little harder than the previous one, but we got some wonderful shots of the glacier. Well worth the hike.

Exit Glacier
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The drive from Exit Glacier to Soldotna was rather uneventful. We are getting quite a bit of drizzle, and traffic isn't too bad.

We had heard from a couple of people that Capt. Cook State Park was a wonderful place to visit. Homer was more than 5 hours round trip from Soldotna, and Capt. Cook was just two hours, so we opted to go to Capt. Cook. The shoreline is about 1/2 mile off the road with plenty of trees in between, so we couldn't see the shore until we got to Capt. Cook. There were some very pretty lakes along the way.

Once at Capt. Cook, we decided to turn left, instead of turning right. We parked our RV at the end of the road and walked down to the shore line. Very interesting shoreline, it was rugged and weathered.

Capt. Cook State Park
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Back on the road to Soldotna, we knew it was time to do some laundry. On the way through the town earlier, Lisa had spotted a nice laundry place at the intersection of the main highway and Kenai Spur Road. I think the name was Soldotna Laundry. We pulled up and went to park in the back. Apparently, this is a popular place for RVers. There were about 4 other RVs parked around the place. Inside, it was nice and clean. Washing was only $2.50 and drying was $0.25 for each seven minutes. We got everything started and I plugged in my computer to charge it. Well, well. The laundry has wireless internet. So, Lisa and I checked our email while we waited.

Soldotna Laundry

On the drive back to Cooper's Landing, the sun finally sneaked it's head out of the clouds and we got some nice pictures. We didn't realize there were mountains around because of the low hanging clouds.

Drive Between Soldotna and Cooper Landing
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Tonight we are staying at Kenai Riverside RV Park. We pull in, set up, walked down to the river, talk a little bit and head to bed. Another good day in Alaska.

At Kenai Riverside RV Park
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