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Mark and Lisa in Alaska - Day 9

We took our time getting up today, but we were still the first ones up, again. People in Alaska don't get moving until around 10 a.m. Fine with me. We walked around the harbor for about an hour and decided to get moving. We don't have anything planned for the day, so we will see what happens.

Bear Paw RV Park and Valdez Small Boat Harbor
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There was a little construction outside of Valdez, but nothing too bad. Traffic was light. Richardson Highway was beautiful. Lots of hills to climb, but plenty of beautiful landscape to see. The clouds are still around.

Richardson Highway
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We stopped at Worthington Glacier. If you want, you can walk up to the glacier. They also have outfitters, if you are interested in ice climbing. We decided to pass.

Worthington Glacier
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Since we were very far ahead of schedule, we decide to make a side trip to Chitina, AK. It was interesting, but not the best time spent. Along the way, we saw a sign that said 'Rough Road Next 10 Miles.' The good thing was that after driving it one mile, I had only nine to go. It was challenging in a RV. The vehicle would sway back and forth, and there were more than enough dips. Once at Chitina, the paved road stops and so did we.

Chitina and McCarthy Road
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Back on the Richardson Highway, we stopped at an overlook of Wrangell National Park. Very nice place. At the bottom of the hill, a car had made a very sharp right turn. Ouch. Looks like the vehicle had been there a while.


Overlook of Wrangell National Park
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As we were heading towards Glenallen, we took the Cooper Center turn-on. There was a little place that might have been worth stopping for, but we didn't. We got to Glenallen, drove around the town for a few minutes and pulled into the Northern Nights RV Park. As soon as I pulled in, about 6 more RVs pulled in behind me. Good timing. The wireless internet only works near the office and we are as far away from the office as you can get. But, we do get free cobbler at seven tonight.  Lisa can hardly wait. I'm sure it won't be as good as Lisa's cobbler.  She makes a pretty mean peach cobbler--just ask Ty.  Another good day in Alaska.