Pictures by Earl & Louise

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These are slides my parents took between 1953 and 1981. There are over 850 slides, some in good shape, some not in good shape. On the left, you can pick a set of slides to view. DEV means 'Developed in that month.'



Here are some questions you (mostly my family) might have:


Can I print the images from the web page?

Will the scanned images print a good picture?

Why are some of the images too dark/light?

Hey, how come you didn’t blow the dust off the pictures?

Are you going to send me a thumbnail page so I don’t have to go through each picture?

Mark, some of the pictures are reversed. Weren’t you paying attention?

What’s up with the picture named Image01704?

When do I get to see pictures that have me in it?

Are some of the pictures out-of-focus?

Why do some of the pictures look bad?

Why don’t some of the pictures have the correct date of them?

Will I get any narrative about the images?

How much does this cost me?

Isn’t this taking up all the space on your website?

Just a list of folders. Can’t you make a cool website?

Where did Roger get that cool hat?

Is this all the questions I can ask?