Welcome to my home. I hope you enjoy the tour!

The house was built in 1909, two years after Oklahoma Statehood. When I bought the house, the basement walls needed support. After years of water pressure, they had started to give way. Otherwise, the house was in outstanding shape. I found the house by searching on the Internet. Click here to see original listing!

My bi-level traditional, bungalow? home has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 half bath and is approximately 3096 sq. ft. The home has a 2 car carport (soon to be a garage) and a deck. Recreation amenities include swimming pool. The first level floors are made of walnut, while the second level is pine. The majority of the fixtures appear to be original. 

To view interior pictures of my home, click on one of the floor plans below. There are also additional pictures of the outside and basement.

First Floor Second Floor

Additional Pictures



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