New Jersey/DC, May 2002

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At the last minute, I decided to go see my friend, David Wickliffe in Oceanport, NJ. Dave had traveled with Ty and I to Amsterdam, and I hadn't seen him in a while. I went through the Internet to get a rental car, and I was on my way.

Saturday, May 25th

Once I arrived in DC, I took the shuttle to get my car. But when I got there, they didn't have a reservation for me. Time to panic. Apparently, I didn't finishing completing the forms on the computer. Lessoned learned: ALWAYS CONFIRM YOUR RESERVATION! So now what am I going to do? The lady at Budget Rental Car was no help, and they weren't any cars available anywhere at the Reagan International Airport. Take the train? Eighty dollars one-way and ride for probably 6 hours with connections. Stay in DC? I didn't have reservations.

Ah, ha! I went back inside and asked if they had cars available at any other location. Lucky me! I hopped a shuttle to Dulles Airport, got a very yellow Ford Escape, and headed off to north New Jersey! You can see my path to the right.

Map.gif (21869 bytes)
Driving Directions

Dave told me about the tolls along the way. I think I spent about $10 along the way. No, they don't take VISA. The trip up was pretty nice and seemed to go quickly. I can see why they call New Jersey the Garden State. Everything was lush and green.
We I arrived, the party across the street, which Dave was at, was in full swing. Sammy and Michelle where hosting a birthday party for their five year-old son, Sammy. They have a huge inflatable slide for all the kids. All the adults where in the back enjoying the great food. We had a fantastic time. Sammy and Michelle made me feel right at home. They are great people! I also meet Kathy, a friend of Dave's. She is great, a lot a fun to be with. Dave's parents, Patty and Paul came by and joined in on the fun.

Dave and Kathy

Michelle and Sammy

Patty and Paul

Kathy and Dave

Sunday, May 26th

The next morning, after a breakfast made by Dave, we took out the 'Puffer II'. We cruised around, saw some site, a few large house, a twin-light house, and did a little fishing. A very nice and relaxing morning.

Dave's parents cooked us some great cheeseburgers for lunch, since we didn't catch any fish. We then went out to see the New Jersey coast line. One stop was in Asbury Park to see the Stone Pony and the boardwalk. We didn't stay there very long. Continuing on south, we stop at the boardwalk at Point Pleasant. They had lots of food, beer, and carnival rides. Pretty fun, although it was very foggy.

The Stone Pony

Mark, Dave, & Kathy

Bumper Car Fun

Carnival Rides
That night, Sammy and Michelle made some more great food for us. I had grilled corn-on-the-cob and pork. Fantastic.

Rest of the time

I drove back over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I had a good time hanging out with Tracy. We went out to eat each night, occasionally with John and Steve. I didn't go to any of the sites in DC, maybe next time. The conference was good, but it seemed very long. All in all, a good time.

Chesapeake Bride

On the Bridge

Randy, Billy, Mark, & Tracy

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