The Reynolds' Family Photo Album

The picture was made by an amateur photographer in the early 60's who was also a student at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Don't know if he became pro or not. - Mom

Did you notice that the two pictures were taken the same day, note the clothes are the same. I think this was a bad day for me. I'm looking like I just got hit in the head. - Rick



Yes, it was planned that way. This work was done by a local person who was starting out in photography. His father had the service station where we had work done. I believe the father's name was Bill Mote. - Mom


Family Picture before Nancy


My mom's parents, Louise & Charles Klein, at their wedding in 1919.

My mom's mother, Louise Nuss on her confirmation day - she was probably 14.

My mom's grandparents, Wm August and Emma Nuss on their golden wedding anniversary


This pictures shows Edythe Rosselli (now Brown) holding her cousin Earl Albert Reynolds (my dad). This is Edythe and my dad in 1980 in Laramie, WY.


Mom & Dad going who knows where

Enjoying the grandkids

Christmas '96

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