St. Louis, MO -  August, 2000
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Gateway Arch
St. Louis is the destination this time. I'm meeting Ty and Letty there to go betting at the horse track, see a KISS concert, go to the Bud factory, travel to Illinois to visit Fast Eddie's Bonair, and see the animals at the zoo.
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Me and Letty at Fairmount Park
Friday night we traveled across the river to go betting at Fairmount Park. After 4 races, I had won I had want to, ate all the food I needed, and kicked back to watch Ty and Letty bring in the big bucks. Although none of us could retire with the wins we had, we all considered ourselves lucky for the night.
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Photo-op at the Bud factory
Our first stop on Saturday was the Budweiser factory. After touring the plant, we got a few samples and bought some gifts. Across the Mississippi River again, we visited Fast Eddie's Bonair, Ty's favorite place. Good, cheap food and beer. We were able to visit the Harley shop, then we headed back to St. Louis for a couple of beer at the Morgan Street Brewery. Next, why we all came to St. Louis, KISS. You wanted the best, you got the best!

St. Louis Zoo
Letty and I headed for the Gateway Arch early Sunday morning. We were the first ones up to the top. It's a very cool site, but watch out for the vertigo. After that, we went to the zoo. The St. Louis Zoo was very nice. It started getting hot, but we were able to make the best of the day. Then, back to OKC, and me having to work with only two days off in the entire next month (whine!).
Summary: fun times, great friends, outstanding concert, cool city... See All the PICTURES
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