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Road Trip to Texas A&M for OU Basketball Game - Feb/March, 2003

February 28th

For this little quick trip, my buddies Ty and James decided to come along. We left Friday morning and headed to Texas, cash in our pockets, ready to see some hockey, watch some OU basketball, and drink a few beers.

Our first stop was Body Beautiful in Lewisville, TX. It is a tattoo shop that Ty and James like. Tat2Mike is the proprietor, one heck of a tattoo artist, and a good friend of Ty and James. They have known Mike for a long time. Two Rows Brewery was next on our list. It was a disappointing visit. The beer was average to below average, but they had a very good Caesar Salad. Their Imperial Stout cost $5 for 10 ounces. I asked why, and they said it was very good and had won many award. It was TOO sweet. Oh well, how do you know if you like things, unless you try them. I did get a couple of pint glasses. We won't be going back.

We zoomed over to Fort Worth to check into our hotel, a Radisson in downtown Ft. Worth. It was a great location, only one block from the hockey arena and near many restaurants and bars. We checked in and went to the Flying Saucer for a pre-game beer. I got a couple for glasses for my collection. They literally have hundreds of beers to choose from. We all went for the Black-and-Tan, then took off for the hockey game.

The OKC Blazers were playing the Ft. Worth Brahmas that night. The crowd was pitiful. Less that a thousand in attendance, and it was a Friday Night! Very sad. The Blazers lost the game in the shoot-out, it was fun to watch, but we wish they would have won. James and I cruised back to the Flying Saucer to listen to a band, while Ty called it a night. The band was great, we made some new friends, and it turned into a tattoo show after few more beers. It's amazing who has tattoos (just about everyone)!


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March 1, 2003

After stopping a McDonald's for breakfast, we drove to College Station. We thought we would see David Koresh's compound along the way, but it wasn't to be. Probably for the best. We arrived in College Station, found the arena, and hunted for a place to eat. We got very lucky and ate at a restaurant called Los Cucos. Very good food, I would definitely eat there again. Our seats were pretty good at the arena, but we could have moved closer to the action - it was not sold-out. OU won the game by a score of   69-64, although they lead by as many as 17 points. The trip back to Oklahoma City wasn't too bad since Ty and James did all the driving. We had a really great time - we got some beer, saw a hockey game, made some new friends, saw OU win, and made it back safe and sound. Next trip, Dallas, for the Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament!

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