London & Scotland: Day Seven - London

May 19th  

May 19th Pictures


And on the seventh day, they rested. Well, just a bit.

We started the morning at Westminster Abbey. No photos inside, but I took a few outside. The cab ride was cheaper for four people than taking the tube. Westminster Abbey is across the street from Parliament, so there are often protest going on. Today, Tamil's were continuing their protest. 

Once inside, each person receives a headset with a guided tour of the abbey. It is amazing the number of kings and queens. Also, several famous writers, composers, actors, and scientist are buried in the abbey. There are a few steps here and there, but getting around the masses of people wasn't horrible.  

Westminster Abbey
Lisa, Louise & Mark
Parliament in the background
Halley's monument
Westminster Abbey
Monument to WWII

After returning to the apartment, Lisa, Allison and I popped over to Harrod's. The food court is amazing. Lisa and Allison did a little shopping, we walked over to Salisbury for some more provisions, the back to the apartment for an early night. Tomorrow is a long day.


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